Cancer rates are growing like a wildfire. According recent projects by the CDC, by the year 2030 cancer will be the number one cause of death in the United States, surpassing heart disease.

In the current state of conventional therapies, there is often a significant decline in the quality of life for cancer patients with the introduction of chemotherapy and radiation. Based on studies done in 2004, there is only a 2-3 percent survival in stage 3-4 cancer diagnosis. So, we see that despite the heroic and powerful conventional procedures, we are not very successful in treatment of cancer.

How Cancer Develops:

Our body naturally produces cancerous cells every day. Cancers are usually slow growing pods of cells. The immune system is designed to detect and eliminate cancer cells. This is a natural process that the body is capable of undertaking and it does it as a routinely. However, the modern lifestyle and increased stress puts a lot of strain on the immune system while increasing the epigenetic chances of developing cancer.

Stress causes genetic changes that dysregulate the normal controls over cellular division process. As these genetic barriers breakdown, more and more cancer cells become prominent in the body. Without appropriate care and support, the cancer cells overwhelm the immune system and tumors begin to develop. Often,most tumors have already been in the body for a long time before being discovered.
These cancer cells function outside of the natural rules and processes of the body. They rob the host (you) from nutrition and progressively weaken defense mechanisms. Ultimately, cancer outcompetes the individual for resources like nutrition, energy, and life-force.

Cancer is a complex disease. Causative factors include genetic susceptibility, environmental exposures (medications, chemicals, pesticides, etc.), low-grade inflammation, nutrition (sugar, unhealthy fat, oxidation), and physiological dysregulation (digestion, absorption, detoxification processes). There are also stressors like our thought process, anger, irritability, anxiety, fears, emotions, attachments, relationships, work environment, etc. that contribute.
Cancer is generated by a combination of many factors. It requires a multi-pronged approach to fight it. We provide that through our integrative approach to oncology.

Our Approach:

“If the body can create a cancer, it can destroy it too.”
• At our clinic, we are not just focused on cancer cells. We are working with the whole person. Our primary focus in treatment is to activate the immune system to fight cancer.
• We provide the tools to help change the epigenetic environment of the body through nutritional and lifestyle changes. These include practice like yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation.
• We also provide specialized therapies: Ayurvedic medicine, botanicals, IV therapies with various compounds including Vitamin C, mineral, German therapies, and hyperthermia treatment.

Other treatments include:

  • Intravenous laser therapy
  • Oxidative therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

• Panchakarma: Detoxification therapies help remove deep-seated toxins that dysregulate and interfere with the normal intelligence of the body. Panchakarma a slow and in-depth process that promote cellular cleansing to reset physiological functions of the body.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of Dr. Sodhi’s approach to cancer is to provide a treatment program to those who want to get back their fullest capacity in health and wellness. Each individual is given a personalized program of dietary and lifestyle approaches, they are treated with individualized IV therapy and Panchakarma detox, as well as counseled to improve resilience to natural life-stresses. Our purpose it to help you live a life of purpose and fulfillment. In our clinic we see patients who are taking traditional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery to treat cancer. We also see a number of patients who do not want to take the conventional therapies. Rather, they want to use alternative, integrative therapies.

In the state of Washington, all cancer patients are required to have an Oncologist advising the patient about the conventional course of treatment.
We are proud of this integrative approach and offer it as a model for future of oncology. Cancer does not have to be death sentence, your body can get rid off it or you can manage it like any other chronic disease. Many patients with various cancers are in 5+ years in remission with excellent quality of health and enjoying fulfilled life.

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