Ayurveda and PregnancyPregnancy is a practice in itself and at many times can make mothers (or mothers-to-be) feel as though they have lost their place or balance. Ayurveda offers the time of pregnancy as a time to balance the Vata, or energy of the nervous system throughout the many physical and emotional changes. Take time to nurture yourself and continue to draw your body, mind, spirit, and soul to the center.


If you are pregnant, you may find yourself with heightened senses which can lead to stress and anxiety. Take time to center and calm yourself throughout the day. Surround yourself with happiness and create a well-balanced environment to nurture your body as well as the baby. Engaging in peaceful activities such as enjoying crafts, reading, or listening to music can put your body at ease. Body positivity is important during the transition into motherhood. Remind yourself that your body is creating a new life and marvel at the power of your body.

Balanced diet

Follow a well-balanced diet containing fresh proteins, nuts, whole grains, dairy, starches, vegetables, and fruits. Limit high-stimulating foods such as sugars, caffeine, or heavy spices. Fried, canned, processed, or fermented foods should also be avoided. Consider eating sattvic foods as they are filled with purity and life-force energy such as whole foods with plenty of healthy oils. Remember you are eating for two body types, so it is okay if you don’t strictly follow your specific body type diet.

Daily massage and exercise

Everything you taste, see, smell and touch is experienced by the baby, so it is important to treat yourself properly. Daily massages with ayurvedic oils help to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. This will help to reduce stress and fatigue as well as restore elasticity to the skin and reduce skin tightness or itchiness. Remain active throughout the pregnancy with yoga stretches and daily walks with slow, deep breathing practices.


Sleep allows the body to recover from the day and rejuvenate the nervous system. As your body adapts, it is important to adjust your sleep schedule to accommodate for more hours.

Your mental and physical status is important for a healthy pregnancy. For more information on how Ayurveda can benefit you during pregnancy, contact The Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Medical Clinic for information.