Skin Care & Anti-aging Treatments

At the Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Medical Clinic our treatments extend beyond the simple facial. Believing that it is important to restore the skin and provide our clients with an overall health that will leave them feeling revived. We employ technologies that enable us to cater to many types of skin problems. Treatments range from firming loose skin (caused by rapid weight loss such as gastric bypass, or liposuction), stress relief, pain management, acne problems, relieving leg pains and swelling, and much more. Each treatment is customized for our clients during their complimentary consultation with Dr. Anju Sodhi.



    Signature Facials

    Vata- Nourshing, hydrating facial for dry skin. Our soothing and protecting facial experience will hep to revivie skin and aid in its natural healing process


    Pitta-Balancing/calming facial combination skin. This cleansing noninvasive facial is tailored to sooth breakouts and slough dry skin using hypoallergenic products to create a healthy glow.


    Kapha- Reviving facial designed for normal skin types that occasionally have problem areas. Indulge in the fresh and clean feeling this facial provides and leave with soft, supple, and radiant skin.


    Dosha Balancing Facial

    Using selected herbs blended with warm milk and traditional essential oils this facial nourishes and balances the skin while simulating the senses with its aromas. Skin glows with radiance.


    Neem Healing Facial

    Indulge and relax while receiving the restorative benefits of Neem, which is known in India as the Pharmacy Tree. Used for centuries, this healing plant is intensely reparative, hydrating, and firming, A Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask primes the skin followed by a face pack of hand-milled neem leaves, blended with tonic of vigtamins and hebrs. Further enhanced by a stress-relieving hand and foot massage. You finish with an application of Abha’s own blend of ingredients customized to your own skin type, the skin Is fortified and replenished. This treatment is best for people suffering from acne.
    Cost: $125


    Anti-aging facials

    Wrinkle reduction$11
    Eye Contour$70
    Combination of three treatments$165

    Body Treatments for Weight Management

    Vacumoblization Cellulite Body Therapy and Body Contouring$145
    Body Wrap$110
    Vacumobilization and Pressotherapy$165
    Aromatherapy Cellulite Treatment$110
    The Panchakarma Package$180

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